Saturday, June 04, 2022


Leonard Susskind's recent lecture* on the quantum origins of gravity was for me something of a revelation. I hadn't any idea that physicists had to a certain extent reconciled their notion of gravity with that of quantum mechanics. And I hadn't been particularly aware of Susskind as a physics celebrity either. He is even known for things that he has said!

video @18:21

I can't watch stuff that has written text without doing a bit of a spell-check. At 18:21 Susskind had written "things are not where you think the are" which he then repeated exactly at 19:40. The word "they" doesn't strike me as especially vulnerable to being typoed. Somewhat more comprehensible is the spelling at 50:28 of "communication" by the dropping of an m.

video @19:40

* Update: A synopsis of  Susskind's lecture appears as an 18 June 2022 Science Time video.

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