Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Double Noeud

The photo shows the seven pieces and cage (crafted by Brian Menold) of Gregory Benedetti's Double Noeud. First the two lower-left pieces are together (with some shifting) fitted into the cage. Then the two lower-right pieces are together (again, with some shifting) inserted and rotated into place. The three remaining pieces will now complete the cube. I like this much better than Triagonal Agony.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The underpass

The photo (taken in 2012) shows Catherine aiming her camera at a billboard showing an artist's conception of what the local Denison Road underpass would look like once completed. Note that the completion date was predicted to be spring 2013. It was finally opened last Saturday! Some other misrepresentations on the billboard are the sloping grassy areas which have been replaced with high retaining walls and the dedicated bicycle lanes which are nonexistent. The treed landscape backdrop was always pure fiction. Here's my photo — taken yesterday — of what the thing actually looks like: