Friday, September 27, 2019

Two more

When on August 1st I showed off my Leyland-prime-find farm (six of seven Mac minis, here), I noted in the final paragraph that I was desirous of two more Mac minis but was low on cash. On September 1st I received an interest payment on a long-term investment that I had forgotten was due, so that by ordering the two Mac minis after my mid-September credit card bill arrived I wouldn't have to pay for them until mid-November, by which time the unexpected interest payment, combined with my upcoming monthly pension and old-age benefits, would be enough to pay for the machines! They arrived yesterday:

I moved the printer from my rolltop desk's back ledge to make room. The task on Mac mini #7 was moved to one of my iMacs, thus freeing it, along with Mac mini #8 and Mac mini #9, to contribute to the Leyland prime search. Thus, I have added 18 cores to the 36 already in the farm. This should take 8 months off my projected two-year search schedule. As a test run, I've started the three additional Mac minis to do half of interval #2. Then I'll set them to run half of interval #14 (which will take 8 months), after which they'll tackle the other half of interval #14 (which will take another 8 months).