Thursday, July 20, 2023

A million-digit Leyland prime (I got lucky)

Back in April, I wished myself "better luck" in my current million-digit Leyland prime search. I've won that lottery, so to speak:

191319^170462+1*170462^191319 is 3-PRP!

The number has 1000910 decimal digits. The current top-five Leyland prime leaderboard now looks like this (the first column is the number of digits):

1717671  (1343238,19)      Ryan Propper    May 2023
1433792   (300102,59935)   Ryan Propper    May 2023
1268947  (1139148,13)      Ryan Propper    Jul 2023
1000910   (191319,170462)  Hans Havermann  Jul 2023
1000175   (218767,37314)   Gabor Levai     Mar 2023

Monday, July 10, 2023

Trouble above

I noticed mid-June a stain on the ceiling of my main-floor library room, likely a consequence of the 30 mm precipitation received on June 12. It necessitated a new roof:

click to enlarge

Saturday, July 08, 2023

Thursday, July 06, 2023

Goodbye landline

My brand new iPhone 13 arrived yesterday. I wasted little time in trudging up to Freedom Mobile (1924 Weston Rd.) in the heat — twice (I didn't bring any identification the first time)! So now I have a cellphone number. This meant that I could lose the "home" phone which I had been using only as a two-factor authentication device. When I called Bell, they dragged out the cancellation process and finally offered me the landline (I'm paying $60 per month) for something closer to $10 per month (if I heard correctly). "Just cancel the fucking phone," I blurted out uncharacteristically.