Thursday, March 25, 2021

Johann schreitet

The Johnny Strides video offering this morning had me reliving my daily trips to and from The Beer Store on St Clair Ave. W. by Lauder Ave. (currently the Fox & Fiddle pub), both before and after 2003 in which year I purchased my first DSLR camera — a Nikon "Coolpix" 5700. Unfortunately, Johnny stops walking at Northcliffe Blvd., a block short of where the store used to be.

By an uncanny coincidence, he boards a streetcar heading west, just as I did back in early-May 2003 at the same intersection — although I'm fairly certain the old stop was on the other side of Northcliffe. I had been trying out the Coolpix's one-minute video recording feature on that and the previous day (documenting some aspects of the Beer Store workplace) and I took another one boarding the streetcar on my way home after work. The recording is very poor in resolution and violently jerky, as I had the camera hung around my neck so as not to alert the streetcar passengers to the capture. The rustling is my plastic bag in which I carried my personal effects.