Saturday, April 18, 2020

Bare necessities (reprise)

After my previous attempt at a grocery delivery service I wasn't particularly anxious to go at it again, but it was either that or actually going to the store. I tried the delivery arm of the local Real Canadian Superstore where we usually (i.e., used to) shop. They listed most of the products I was after except bags of big carrots, so I ordered a bag of baby carrots instead. The total for the order was just over $200 and I gave them my credit card info for payment. There's a $4 delivery fee, a 5% service fee, and a suggested 5% tip for my shopper/deliverer. The order arrived a couple of hours ago, a mere 22 hours after I placed the order!

They reduced the 8 cans of green beans that I ordered to 0 cans, 8 cans of lentils to 4, and 8 big containers of yogurt to 3. That's ok. I had ordered 4 two-litre containers of 1% milk. I was brought 4 one-litre containers but they charged me for the two-litre containers. That's not ok. The plain bagels that I ordered were replaced with sesame seed bagels, which might be ok but I won't know till I try one. The 8 PC white-cheddar mac & cheese boxes that I ordered were replaced with KD regular mac & cheese. I thought that was going to be ok but I just made myself a couple of boxes and it's inedible (although I did eat a bit and now I'm feeling queasy). I'm going to have to throw that out and hide the other 6 boxes.

I asked for a refund on the missing milk. I didn't ask for compensation on the mac & cheese because I reported the problem before I tried it. On the plus side, they did deliver all 24 rolls of toilet paper that I ordered!

Update: I went back to the site and asked for a refund on the mac & cheese. After all, it's a business transaction, so why should I shoulder the burden of their mistake? Incredibly, Instacart Support (who seems to be the go-between here) not only refunded the mac & cheese, but also all 4 of the two-litre milks — it should only have been 2 of them. They call it their "customer happiness refund". In return, they hoped I would check their "Good, I'm satisfied" support followup (as opposed to "Bad, I'm unsatisfied"). How could I refuse.

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