Wednesday, April 08, 2020


It has been six months since I started three of my Mac minis on a Leyland prime search from Leyland #302846980 to Leyland #324766364. That range was divided into 18 parts of mostly 1217740 Leyland numbers each and these parts were distributed across the Mac minis for 18 Mathematica programs to each do a probable prime search. The above three pictures show what I see on those Mac minis, each Mathematica window with its own start date/time, subsequent finds, and at the bottom of each window — determined by manual interruption of each program — how far (the middle of the three numbers) it has come in the search.

The how-far numbers are from 47.8% to 51.5% of their respective search spaces, so clearly I have another six months to go before I am done with this section. I count 35 prime finds of which 34 are new (one is a rediscovery of Norbert Schneider's L(34642,707) that he found in December 2017). Somewhat remarkably, the three Mac minis have run for all this time without interruption. They are hooked up to battery backups and what power failures we have had in the last six months have thankfully all been very brief.

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