Saturday, August 24, 2019

Reverse flow

A year or so ago our toilet tank refills began to be accompanied by an annoying whine. Our only available fix was to turn on a faucet in the nearby sink.

There's been construction on the street and last Tuesday an excavator managed to snag the water intake conduit to our house. They attached a baby-blue hose to the city's water supply and connected it to the backyard faucet at the side of the house.

And, sure enough, we again had water in the house. It never occurred to me that this was possible. Presumably, as long as there is no countervailing pressure in the plumbing system, the water can enter the house anywhere — duh! After a few hours they disconnected the hose and fixed the original water intake.

They sorta fixed something else. For a few days the toilet tank refills refrained from whining.

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