Thursday, May 05, 2022

The new high-rise

Prominent now on my morning walks home from Denison Park is "The Humber", an under-construction condominium at 10 Wilby Crescent — which any reasonably observant map enthusiast will decry as being more properly situated on Hickory Tree Road. The sad reality is that the latter has never properly connected Bellevue Crescent to Wilby, being instead a gated roadway to a couple of other high-rises with access only from the Bellevue side. The yellow structure in the below map outlines the building that used to be #10 (also street-view visible by rotating Google's 2015 no-access part of the road; also the location of my 2020 "breakout" blog):

Even though it still a handful of storeys short of its final height, the new condominium can already be seen from my home:

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