Tuesday, February 22, 2022


I like to keep our grocery deliveries down to one-a-month which makes it difficult if ever they are out of something (or my personal shopper can't find it). One obvious remedy is to hoard more than a month's worth of staples so that out-of-stock items don't impact the unchanging (and somewhat inflexible) daily menu. Of course one can't really do that with milk and yogurt. Last summer I compensated by walking over to the nearby FreshCo for replacements. With the recent uptick in snow and Omicron, I perceived such a venture as too challenging. So last month I tried a second order, but from a different grocery delivery service. Even that was not able to procure me those big boxes of Bran Buds, so I resorted to asking Amazon for five of them (back on January 27). It was never going to be a fast delivery because (I think) they had to wait on Kellogg's but I still had a couple of big boxes and a couple of small ones on hand, so no problem. Then the Ambassador Bridge blockade made me worry a bit about it. The order arrived today! In the above photograph they are on the second shelf from the top.

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