Monday, February 21, 2022

Number fourteen

This is a screen grab of today's probable-prime top-discoverers leaderboard that updates the one I posted on 7 May 2021. My production score now places me at #14. I am unlikely any time soon (if ever) to reach #13 and there is ample opportunity to be displaced downward by other people's efforts.* Of the 1584 PRPs noted, 1532 are Leyland primes. I reached my 1500th Leyland prime on 9 September 2021.

My worksheet (above) shows, at the bottom, the 74 cores currently working on Leyland interval L(302999,10) to L(303999,10) in which I have found so far 11 Leyland primes. It should be done in early March. After this I will do interval L(303999,10) to L(304999,10), taking me into May. This will then complete my attempt to find all Leyland primes in the interval L(299999,10) to L(304999,10). My thinking for what comes next has changed somewhat since the recent finds by the Levai brothers of five Leyland primes larger than 500000 decimal digits (at the bottom, here). I may to try to find a Leyland prime with one million (or more) decimal digits.

* Update (28 February 2022): Only one week later and I am again at #15 as Anonymous moved from #18 to #9.

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