Wednesday, June 16, 2021

A nearby grocery

FreshCo site @ 55 Denison Rd. E. (aka 1500 Jane St.), looking west
Click on the image for a much better look! A bird's-eye view of Jane St. (left to right near the bottom) and Denison Rd. E. (from the prominent zebra-stripe pedestrian crossings at Jane St. to Weston Rd., just past the curved underpass at the railway corridor). The green arrow points to the empty-field location of a now almost-ready FreshCo grocery outlet that is about a ten-minute walk from my home (the yellow arrow at the top). By the way, this is the exact location of what was once The Moffat Stove Company.

I only learned about the new grocery on Monday, so I took Bodie there for a look:

They are hiring next week so I expect the store opening in a month or two.


  1. When I was a teenager living in England, my parents bought a Moffat wall oven that presumably was made in Canada. It was state of the art with electronically adjustable shelving.

  2. Hey, Roy. Long time. I hope you are well!