Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Reverend

Nine days ago I was made aware of the Reverend Patrick White, his Chaplain's Office, and their "advocacy and outreach work" here in Toronto:

New lease on life spawns second career
Toronto chaplain trainer relishes opportunity 'to see lives change'
Aaron D'Andrea, The York Guardian: 21 September 2017

The two links are online versions of the same story. I noticed that the second one corrected White's age in 2008 from 63 to 65 and the link of The Chaplains [sic] Office of Canada from to The latter domain was updated in July and is good to go until 2022.

Additionally, a Facebook page appears to have been active in 2015 and 2016. An example of the Reverend's outreach work may be found here, and more recently here. Note that in the latter's attached letter he is calling himself Bishop Patrick White — not to be confused with the now-retired bishop of Bermuda whose age is very close to that of our "bishop".

If you would like to hear Rev. Patrick White moralize, there's an hour-long audio sermon here. Although mostly tedious, there are a few gems. Among them is this: "On my father's side I grew up in the funeral work, so we had funeral homes down in a little town called Leamington, Ontario. ... I started at about 14 years old and used to do the embalming upstairs ..." Here's my background check.

Update: As of 2019, Patrick White appears to be plying his trade out of the S.R. Drake Memorial Church in Brantford which he is using to Go Fund Me a Cup of Hope.

Update II: There's very little on him after 2019. He may have moved out of Brantford. A comment on a December 2021 Oshawa Covid-19 news item from a Dr. Rev. Patrick White is very likely him. He writes: "My choice to be vaxinated was due to the fact I visit hospitals senior homes, Hospice, and could not safely continue my work, or be admitted unless I had proof. My faith is in God, but I try to follow man's laws and requirements as well."

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