Wednesday, February 15, 2017

An unfortunate typo

A gentleman, named Mr. John Boyle, came into town yesterday, by the Northern Railroad, in search of Mrs. Margaret Thompson, a relative of his, and a resident of the village of Weston. Mrs. T., accompanied by one of her children, came to this city on Monday last, to superintend the sale of some farm produce, and intended to return the same evening, as circumstances of an urgent nature required her presence at home. Yesterday morning Mr. Boyle observed that her cows had not been attended, and remarking other things about the house which indicated the absence of the mistress, he resolved to make every possible search for her, but without success up to yesterday evening. Mrs. Thompson is a widow, and possessed of considerable property. She is described as wearing deep mourning, about 27 years of age, and of very prepossessing appearance. Mr. Boyle requested the Police to aid him in making enquiries regarding her whereabouts.

[The Globe: Toronto, Friday, 6 October 1854. The marks around the article title were already on the newspaper page prior to its being photocopied, so I wasn't the first to notice.]

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