Saturday, April 02, 2016

Stormy Point, Millville NL

When the (possible) new Vikings-settlement story broke on Thursday it was given a dateline location of Point Rosee. This dealt amateur geographers a good measure of grief because Point Rosie (by Rosée Harbour, in Fortune Bay) is (by way of English corruption) actually Point Enragée, on the Burin peninsula — nowhere near the archaeological site.

It took a little time to determine the site's exact location. And having that, I learned that it was actually called Stormy Point. So from whence comes the "Point Rosee"? It could be a local name. However, it's possible — likely even — that the archaeologists decided to disguise the location so as to keep the public at bay.*

I have to say, Stormy Point strikes me as a poor location for a settlement. It's totally open to the elements!

* Addendum: I just finished watching the Nova episode on this. Indeed, early in the program they called the location "secret".

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