Thursday, April 21, 2016

Humber river retaining wall

When I speculated one month ago that the current armourstone toe of the valley slope on the east side of the Humber river (not far from my home) was going to be replaced with a higher version, I wasn't entirely correct. It may end up being higher but (more importantly) it will also be further into the river.

Roy Murray continues his Raymore Park updates on the construction (March 30, April 12, April 18, and a follow-up). In the last of these he lets on that the retaining wall will end up on top of the now-in-the-river foundation! This is actually good news for my side of the river because it means that I might be able to access this new stretch of real estate from the south (behind Denison Park) and walk it up to the footbridge (across the river) that lies beyond. Of course Roy worries that the now-narrower river channel will negatively impact his side of the river during flood events. Here's a bird's-eye Apple Maps view of the area (I've put a red square around my house):

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