Sunday, October 29, 2023

Bucket list #2

My original five-piece bucket list is here with #3 here.

2. China Town (Their online ordering system stopped working a few years ago.)

1790 Jane Street @ John Street

The picture is Google street view (July 2023). I did eventually find another website ordering system for them but I was reluctant to use it in case it was a scam. Researching the website provider (MealKeyway), I decided finally that it was ok.

3 large Beef Fried Rice (no onion) $22.47; Sweet & Sour Chicken Balls $11.99; Fried Mixed Vegetables (no onion) $9.99; there's a $40 minimum food-only order; tax $5.78; delivery $4.99; tip $3.00; rounding -$0.02: total $58.20

Pretty much the way I remembered it, although I used to get BBQ chicken wings as well. I hadn't before used a no-onion option on the mixed vegetables. They replaced it with more broccoli which (unfortunately) was excessively salty. I guess the florets/buds retain a lot of the briny broth. I can run them under the faucet in the leftover reheats.

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