Thursday, July 20, 2023

A million-digit Leyland prime (I got lucky)

Back in April, I wished myself "better luck" in my current million-digit Leyland prime search. I've won that lottery, so to speak:

191319^170462+1*170462^191319 is 3-PRP!

The number has 1000910 decimal digits. The current top-five Leyland prime leaderboard now looks like this (the first column is the number of digits):

1717671  (1343238,19)      Ryan Propper    May 2023
1433792   (300102,59935)   Ryan Propper    May 2023
1268947  (1139148,13)      Ryan Propper    Jul 2023
1000910   (191319,170462)  Hans Havermann  Jul 2023
1000175   (218767,37314)   Gabor Levai     Mar 2023

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