Friday, May 12, 2023

A million-digit Leyland prime (ryanp)

Ryan Propper ("ryanp" on Mersenne forum) had not contributed any Leyland primes prior to Wednesday, when he proclaimed this 1433792-digit integer to be a PRP. Then yesterday, he added another (at a mere 582101 digits) that had a small y [L(x,y) defines a Leyland integer as x^y+y^x, x≥y; here y=2]. The current top-five Leyland prime leaderboard now sports three million-digit Leyland primes (the first column is the number of digits):

1433792    (300102,59935)   Ryan Propper   May 2023
1000175    (218767,37314)   Gabor Levai    Mar 2023
1000027    (211185,54364)   Gabor Levai    May 2022
 582101   (1933695,2)       Ryan Propper   May 2023
 506429    (107890,49423)   Miklos Levai   Feb 2022

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