Sunday, September 06, 2020

My largest Leyland prime find

Late yesterday, I found my (to-date) largest Leyland prime: 33845^26604+26604^33845. At 149763 decimal digits, this becomes for the moment the fifth largest known such prime:

386434  (328574,15)      Sergey Batalov       May 2014
300337  (314738,9)       Anatoly Selevich     Feb 2011
265999  (255426,11)      Sergey Batalov       May 2014
223463  (234178,9)       Anatoly Selevich     Jul 2011
149763   (33845,26604)   Hans Havermann       Sep 2020

The number is the 167th new Leyland prime discovered since I (using xyyxsieve and pfgw) started finding them two months ago. Prior to that I had found 579 new Leyland primes using Mathematica — but that took from 3 October 2015 to 3 July 2020. At my current rate of discovery, I will find my 1000th new Leyland prime on December 9, but that is likely early because I am entering large-number terrain where my finds will be slower in coming. Still, I might have it by the end of the calendar year. We'll see.

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