Sunday, December 30, 2018


A month ago I acquired three Mac minis to add to my arsenal of large-prime-searching computers. I've never had a Mac mini before so I wasn't at all sure what I might be getting into. In particular, their 3.2 GHz clock speed was less than the 3.4 GHz on my six-year-old iMac and the 3.5 GHz on my five-year-old Mac Pro.

I needn't have worried. My Leyland-prime search is organized into bundles of 88670 Leyland numbers per core. At the current ~101500-digit number size, it takes my Mac Pro about 43 days to cover that space. My old iMac is actually a couple of days faster — even though (as my main machine) I'm running a handful of other things on it at any given time (which slows it down a bit). I am now near the end of a run on two of the Mac minis which will (tomorrow) have covered the space in under 29 days!

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