Saturday, January 13, 2018

Ice jam

Yesterday morning, a mild spell had fractured enough of the local Humber river ice — created over several weeks of bitter cold — to have started a small ice "jam". The ice jumbles reach river bottom and thus prevent water from flowing underneath. Diverted water flows in the Raymore Park floodplain on the other side. Here's how it looked from there:

At noon, the ice backup reached ~300 meters ...

... but an hour later, chunks of new upstream ice were pushing into it:

Here are a couple more views from Raymore Park:

Somewhat surprisingly, the Raymore island beaver was out and about:

By this morning, the river was flowing once again. Some of the ice had become wedged in the narrow channel on the east side of Raymore island:

I believe that this year's ice jam is the first significant one in seven years. My record of the 2010 ice jam (with a link to the 2009 one) is here.

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