Saturday, July 29, 2017

The largest 3- and 4-balanced factorization integers

Ten months ago I snagged the four largest 2-balanced factorization integers by reverse-searching 7-digit factorizations. I had high hopes of completing an 8-digit reverse-search but my poorly written code coupled with some power outages towards the end of my runs had me eventually give up. By then I had found four 22-digit 3-balanced solutions and one 32-digit 4-balanced solution. But because I hadn't completed the search I couldn't assert that these were the largest.

In the last couple of weeks (by utilizing someone else's code that was somewhat better at this than mine) I tried again and this time I completed the search. So I can now state that the four largest 3-balanced factorization integers are:

          1149570826484083326976 = 2^55 * 31907
          1208735110046668895744 = 2^9 * 53 * 239^7
          2205036970648967839744 = 2^18 * 1531^5
          4546782683595318279169 = 7^10 * 2003^4

The largest 4-balanced factorization integer is:

19260075803546226131439208984375 = 5^18 * 7 * 947^6

Which creates an interesting situation. We now have the largest and smallest k-balanced solutions for k = 1, 2, and 3. (My brute-force find of the smallest 3-balanced factorization integer is here.) And while we also have the largest solution for k = 4, we'll likely never know the smallest!

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