Friday, October 03, 2014

Time has come

My D5300 has a GPS chip in it. I don't own a mobile phone so this is actually my first acquaintance with the capability. Of course I enabled it, even though I suspect that it will be a drain on the camera's battery. As it turns out, only about one in seven of my photos had the location data embedded in it and a cursory look indicated location placement wasn't necessarily all that close. A handful of waypoints had me on the opposite side of the Humber river from where I actually was!

There is an upside. The camera has a set clock from satellite option and I had turned on this feature. The above photo was captured on September 28, exactly 19 days after my first photo taken just after I manually set the camera's clock. The photo's embedded time-stamp was still in sync with real time, indicated here by a website clock. I may never have to correct the camera clock again.

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