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With her babe in her arms

     Watertown, Aug. 10. — Mrs. John Powers this morning swore out a warrant for the arrest of her husband, who she claimed was drunk, disorderly and abusive. Powers was arrested and lodged in jail. He will be brought before Recorder Cobb Monday morning.
     Mrs. Powers was seen at her home at No. 41 Morrison street, and told her story to The Herald man. Their home up to three months ago was at Munningar, West Mead county, Ireland. John was a good worker but spent all his money for drink. She thought if she could get her husband away from the influences of their old town he would do better, so they sailed for America. After a few days in New York city they went to Kingston, Ont., and from there to this city, where they have been only two months. About a month ago she complained of him but nothing was done.
     Friday night John did not return at the usual hour and when he knocked for admittance at 4 o'clock this morning she started with fear to let him in, but before she reached the door he had got in through a window and began to threaten her and she fled to the neighbors.
     She walked the streets with her babe in arms till a warrant could be procured. She also stated that they had had nothing to eat for two days and that he had spent all his week's wages but $3 for drink, when he was arrested. She said she wanted to be freed from him, declaring that she could earn a living better without him. Mrs. Powers will apply to Mrs. N.C. Walker to have four of her five children admitted to the Orphans Home.

The Syracuse Sunday Herald: 11 August 1895

     Watertown Daily Times: 10 August 1895 — another version
     Watertown Daily Times: 12 August 1895 — the follow-up
     Watertown Daily Times: 17 September 1895 — conclusion

     Determine a history of the Mullingar Powers' children and their descendants.

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