Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Back on May 7, I created a 9 times 48969-digits-each, type-2 Belgian-numbers html-file to elegantly display solutions to Eric Angelini's second type of Self Belgian Numbers. On May 17, I published a list of thirteen type-2 Belgian primes plus six more probable primes, the largest composed of 27867 digits. By May 24, I had determined for what number-length (after length 1) all nine type-2 Belgian-number templates again produced solutions: length 1899283.

All that needed to be done now was to find all solutions to length 1899283 so that these might be as elegantly displayed as my initial length-48969 set. The calculation took about a week for each of the nine templates and, on July 31, I html-colourized the result. Only problem was, the numbers would not display properly in any of the browsers that I tried. The far-right digits did not align, even though all nine numbers have the same number of digits and they are rendered in a monospace font.

Thankfully, Firefox 6 has just been released and it did display the numbers correctly! The length-1899283 solutions turned out to be terms 3594728-3594736 of A107070 and because these nine solutions along with the first nine solutions form "bookends" to all the other solutions within the nine templates, that's what I ended up naming the over-80-MB file.

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