Tuesday, March 01, 2011

250 komets, mostly done

While Lars Blomberg went about extending the columns (up and down), I colored in the cells of our spreadsheet (on the basis of the ratio of a cell's value to that of its predecessor):

•     f(n)/f(n-1) < 1   pale orange
•     f(n)/f(n-1) = 1   yellow
• 1 < f(n)/f(n-1) < 2   cyan
•     f(n)/f(n-1) = 2   light green
• 2 < f(n)/f(n-1) < 3   blue

Hmm. I can't get the 'blue' color here to match the one that I used in the spreadsheet. The tops of the 250 komets remain colorless, pending calculations that show their predecessors to be larger than they are, in which case they'll end up 'pale orange'.

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