Friday, January 14, 2011

Automobile number

An article describing Thomas A. Edison's Latest Invention appeared in Scientific American (the weekly journal of practical information) one hundred years ago today. Right beside it is a piece called The Modern Pleasure Electric Vehicle. (William Hudson writes: "The electric pleasure car is coming into its own. For certain kinds of service it is ideal. Its simple and responsive control will always be its most remarkable feature. The gasoline car has perhaps obscured the development which the electric has been undergoing in recent years.") Several other car-related articles follow in this special automobile number: Some Remarkable Mechanical Road Guides, Why You Can Buy a Good Car for Little Money, The Commercial Motor Truck vs. the Horse, A Few Shop Jobs on an Old Car, and Repainting the Old Car at Home. There follows a nice two-page spread showing twenty-five motor cars, complete with vital statistics (except for some damaged entries at the bottom of my pages). There's an article titled The Small, Inexpensive Garage. Then one about Automobile Cylinder Lubricating Oils and, on the page opposite, an advertisement for that new Edison storage battery (pictured) made by the Edison Storage Battery Company.

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