Thursday, January 13, 2011

The big picture

I had Mathematica create a very large (4834 x 4766 pixels) graph of A179066. Most browsers will shrink the image to fit window size — which is how it looks best — but then one can expand it to actual size to better appreciate detail. The highest-up points in this part of the graph — there are higher-ups (>200000) that are not shown — are these: {97860,121125}, {98065,121114}, {98067,121134}, {98076,121143}, {98470,121123}, {98506,121132}, {98560,121141}, {98605,121177}, {98607,121152}, {98650,121213}, {98670,121215}, {98704,121222}, {98706,121224}, {98740,121231}, {98760,121233}. Their x=y mirror images are on the far right.

I had not really intended for Glad Hobo to be only recreational mathematics (as it has been so far) but rather a less-constrained, different-emphasis successor to my "blahgodo" blog. Tomorrow I will publish something different.

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