Tuesday, January 07, 2020

The Fu Yao fruit bag mystery

Yesterday morning, walking Bodie up the north side of Clouston Ave., I saw a bag by a tree, across the street at the southwest corner of Clouston Ave. and Centre Rd. Thinking that it was trash, I crossed the road, determined to pick it up so as to deposit it in the trash bin at Denison Park on my way back. It wasn't trash but, rather, a plastic bag full of fruit. Nestled against the tree were three Canadian quarters. I left the bag of fruit but decided to take the money home. This morning, I had another look:

The bag was from Fu Yao Supermarket which has two locations in Toronto, neither of them anywhere near the northwest part of the city where I reside. Inside the bag were nine apples, a few grapes, and some sort of flattish bread-like item:

I'm at a loss to imagine a scenario that could account for all this.

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