Friday, May 23, 2014


A photo of my new Zipp speaker, unzipped.

A long time ago I had set up speaker wires to two ceiling corners of the kitchen to which were attached small, inexpensive (but effective) Radio Shack speakers. An alternate pair of wires had gone (via a different route) outside the house and ended up on the eave soffit by the back deck. I could detach the speakers from their brackets in the kitchen and attach them to the brackets outside.

The outside wires were removed I-can't-remember-when and the inside speakers came down last year when the kitchen was "refreshed". To listen to music on the back deck now meant turning up the volume in my adjacent computer-room and leaving the window wide open.

But that volume was now coming from my iMac speakers, because when it replaced my old under-the-desk Power Mac G5, I lost the optical-out connection to my five-speaker Logitech setup. Yea, I know: I needed a minijack-to-optical inbetweener, but I don't get out much. :P

Anyways, I finally ordered a Belkin Toslink cable that came with that inbetweener and ordered the Zipp speaker at the same time. So I can listen to music again on my Logitech speakers in my room, and on the Zipp outside — or anywhere else within my local-network WiFi reach.

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