Thursday, May 07, 2020

Ten random-start worlds in Rule 193

I first wrote about Rule 193 here, back in 2014. I decided to revisit the cellular automaton by setting up ten random-start evolutions:

0                           1                           2                           3                           4
5                           6                           7                           8                           9
Clicking on each panel will get you a larger version of that panel. Clicking on the numbers underneath each panel will get you the individual evolutions. The pictures are large: 14714 by 8508 pixels (~20 MB). Your browser will likely shrink each one to fit the browser window, so be sure to click/expand it to see all the glorious detail.

If you think of the downward-moving "lines" as particles, a lot of "physics" happens as the particles collide. How many different particles can you distinguish?

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