Saturday, July 30, 2016

Point of entry

We have a totally fenced yard at the back and sides of the house. To be more accurate, a monster shed on the adjacent property at the back of the yard takes the place of a fence. The front fencing on the (gravel) driveway side accommodates a gate that can be swivelled to allow vehicles into the yard. It is this gate that is being compromised.

For a number of years now some creature has been creating a summer underpass here to allow entry into (and presumably exit from) the yard. I have a shovel nearby to refill the hole and have come to place some small concrete chunks on the yard side of the gate to give the visitor a nasty surprise half-way through its dig. Sometimes a new underpass is generated to one side of the concrete but more generally the creature gives up.

I had always thought the offender was a skunk but some weeks ago Bodie and I were surprised — in broad daylight — by a rat running through the yard, only to disappear (after it was surprised by us) under that back shed!

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