Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The wall

I went to Raymore Park (on the other side of the Humber river) last Friday to see what progress had been made on the erosion-control retaining-wall they were putting in place (on my side of the river). Contrary to the intelligence in my previous entry on this, I can now see that the wall will not be so much "on top of the now-in-the-river foundation" as I had supposed but (rather) much higher and more-closely hugging the slope bedrock — which is actually being exposed for a more stable conglomeration. And that storm drain interruption will end up being a barrier to my ever walking along the full length of the wall. At any rate (depending on the wall-top width), it may be too high to be safe. The bits of white floating through the air (more evident in the second photo) is tree fluff.

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