Friday, January 09, 2015


It's no secret that there are coyotes in Toronto. Over the years, neighbourhood acquaintances have told me they had seen one — generally down by the river, but just a few days ago in the local cemetery wherein a lot of folk walk/run their dogs. I don't always take my camera with me anymore — the way I used to when going for a walk — because having Bodie with me constrains my picture-framing ability. But this morning I did have my camera and certainly glad of it.

Initially, I spotted one coyote walking up the east side of Raymore Island:

A minute or so later, I noticed another one on the west side:

They both looked to be in good health, in spite of the bitter cold of the last few days. I like this more-distant capture of that second coyote rounding the upstream tip of the island:

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