Thursday, April 19, 2012

Galway, England

My father-in-law, John Edward Powers, likes to play up his Irish roots, even though his mother's parents were both born in France, his father's mother, Agnes Sullivan, born in Toronto ON, and his father's father, David Edward Powers, born in Sandy Creek NY. Agnes Sullivan's parents may have come from northern Ireland but David Edward Powers' parents were from county-unknown. So the genealogically-minded members of the Powers clan were excited, last year, to find David Edward's uncle, Michael Powers. At the time, I asked John if he knew anything about his Irish roots. A new priest at his church had asked him the same thing and John had to admit that he did not know. But in the following days he thought about it and a word came to him (from, hopefully, his parents/grandparents and not some movie that got stuck in his mind). The word was Connemara.

Two-and-a-half weeks ago, Marlene Frost shared with me her discovery of an obituary for Michael Powers that mentioned his place of birth: Galway, Ireland. Yesterday, I found another one that (sort-of) confirmed the location. We're making progress!

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