Saturday, March 24, 2012


As suggested here on February 15, my new Apple TV and iPad arrived on Wednesday (five weeks after my suggestion), 47 minutes apart: Apple had promised differing arrival dates and the items were shipped separately (using different carriers). Catherine and I were on our way home from Long Point at the time, so John (and Alice) did the receiving honours.

The iPad was remarkably easy to set up: I had envisioned some networking issues since my primary home network is ethernet and the iPad is WiFi, but that was not to be. More difficult proved to be the transfer of my 3246 Scientific American Weekly pdfs to it (it took a full night and day) but by last night it was good to go. Remarkably, iBooks won't keep the visual-bookshelf in alphabetical order (the list-display does) which suggests the developers never imagined someone keeping thousands of documents on the tablet.

I'm having fun exploring the apps. They are all free so far but that will change soon enough. Curious about my iPad's navigational ability, I made (using Trails Lite) a drunkard's around-the-block walk: Apparently I have crowd-sourced WiFi positioning only, not true GPS.

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