Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Apple TV

No, not the television that Apple will introduce later this year but the 720p digital media receiver that I purchased, four weeks ago, along with a fifth-generation AirPort Extreme transmitter. The idea was to allow my new television access to the many movies and TV shows I'd amassed on my computer, without the painfully-slow process of putting them on those USB flash (thumb) drives that I acquired back then. (In retrospect, I shouldn't have bought those two extra 128GB ones.)

The problem was that the seven-and-a-half-year-old wireless card in my eight-and-a-half-year-old Power Mac G5 (Dual 2GHz) wasn't up to speed and, as a result, I was encountering fatal errors watching my movies. Thankfully, the Apple-TV receiver remembered where I left off, but it was annoying at best and unwatchable at worst.

So, yesterday, I purchased a 100-foot ethernet cable (75-foot was all I needed, but Tiger Direct didn't have 'em) to bridge the gap between the diametrically-opposite corners of our main floor. I then spent the better part of half a day (until the wee hours of this morning) configuring my Local Area Network so that the Apple TV and Catherine's iMac (upstairs) were getting internet while my domain was still pointing to my computer. It shouldn't have been that difficult.

Apple TV will likely get updated next month, which is fine: I'm all in. And I will surely complement my now-enhanced LAN with an iPad 3!

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